Build a horse with different programming languages

(Sayem Hossain) #1

Building something with different programming languages? See how it’ll end up.
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(Muhammad Nezam Uddin) #2

Since I am yet to taste another, I don’t really know if I’m building a factory for building a horse in Java. I’m wondering which language should I learn next. Or how do i decide @sayem bhai?

(Sayem Hossain) #3

@nezam05 actually this troll is created only for fun purpose. They took the essence of some programming languages and illustrated it for general consumption. Please don’t take it seriously.

If you want to test some other languages you definitely can. but I’ll suggest to stay put because when you become an expert on any platform, you can always switch back to some other platform when needed.

Focus is important during the learning phase. If you try lot of things, you will end up learning nothing. But if your programming ability and concept is clear, it doesn’t matter what platform you work on.

(Sayem Hossain) #4

By the way, if you can build a horse factory, you can produce not one, a lot of horses. That’s java is all about :joy:

(Muhammad Nezam Uddin) #5

Thanks for the advice of staying focused. I’ll try to adhere :slight_smile: