How it feels when someone looking at your PC screen while you working?


(Aziz Rahaman) #1

In my office there is someone who seat beside me. I this his only work is to staring on my screen and it feels very awkward to me and I just can’t work properly. I can’t told him to not staring to my monitor. Is there anyone who faced this situation?

(Sayem Hossain) #2

Actually i don’t feel so odd when someone who is also a programmer looks at my screen, but it feels really odd when someone who doesn’t understand a single thing I’m doing stairs at the screen just to see how I work or wtf I do to make living.
You can just tell that person that you aren’t comfortable with it. Its a pretty simple solution but effective.

(Muhammad Nezam Uddin) #3

pretty effective, but culturally we are not fond of straight forward attitude :frowning: